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Brand: EstCarbon

Carbon Fiber Shoehorn


If you have ever bent metal or broken plastic one, this shoehorn is for you.

Our product presents every aspect of the world of high performance.
The elegant and sleek design gives a feeling of effortless and luxury.
It is a perfect accessory for a gentleman who likes driving, yachting or flying
- one who lives high tech and active lifestyle.

Specifications : Portable shoehorn, 6 inch long, 8g,
100% Real Carbon Fiber, handmade, ultralight & strong.

One of the best travel gifts for men, suitable for low top shoes, boots and
trainers. Authentic European Design.


  • Very strong in certain applications
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Modern, high-tech material
  • The next generation luxury material
  • Used in really cool applications like supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini), in airplanes and Space-tech (NASA), high-end sporting equipment like golf & yachts, drones and more.